SHRED OUT 90ct by Galaxy Supplements

GX Supplements' Shred Out is an extreme thermogenic fat burner that was developed for those people who want to become completely shredded.


Shred Out will shred off any stubborn fat that never seems to break down. Its unique formula allows for your body to boost energy, suppress appetite, and stimulate the breakdown of fat to completely get shredded!


Benefits Include


  • Exterme energy boost for intense workouts
  • Excellent appetite suppression
  • Extreme thermogenesis to burn fat
  • Shred Out support full body health
  • Thermogenic Activiator

Ingredients include:

Caffeine Anhydrous
Yerba Matte
Green Tea Extract
Cayenne Pepper
Eleuthero Root
White Willow Barck Extract
Bitter Orange Extract
Black Pepper

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