Razor 8 blast powder by All Max Nutrition

Concentrated Pre-Workout Stimulant!

  • Ultra-Contentrated Single-Scoop Potency at
    maximum potency with No Fillers and No Sugar!

  • 2-Source caffeine blend for varied absorption,
    (Caffeine Base & Di-Caffeine Malate)

  • Geranamine (1,3-Di-Methyl-Amylamine) to
    maximize stimulant activity and stimulate the release of fatty acids (51

  • Highly active stimulating action of Hordenine,
    similar in activity to Geranamine exerts its action through different mechanisms
    (32 mg)

  • Polymethoxlyated Naringin Flavones to extend
    stimulant activity time, inhibits cytochrome

  • P450 enzyme that has been shown to strengthen
    and extend stimulant action in the body

  • Yohimbine A specific and highly targeted
    alpha-2-adrenergic receptor antagonist which has the effect of increased
    lipolysis (fat burning). (9 mg)

  • An extremely potent and sustained activity
    Phenylethylamine HCl

  • 5 Grams of Pharmaceutical-Grade, Ultra-Pure
    and HPLC-tested 200 Mesh Creatine Monohydrate

  • 3.7 Grams of 4 analogs of Arginine for maximum
    absorption and exceptional vasodilation

  • 325 mg Beta-SYNTH Beta-Alanine and 100 mg
    C.O.P. (Creatinol-O-Phosphate)

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