Immune Rx by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 60ct

Immune Support was developed in 2003, in a joint effort with researchers of Pharmatech, Ltd. Immune-Rx was formulated to strengthen your immune system because Immune-Rx offers the most powerful protection against the elements.

Immune-Rx supports the function of white blood cells, which are responsible to kill or destroy foreign bodies and cancerous cells. By doing this, white blood cells stimulate the activity of other immune cells to protect against disease. Immune-Rx is an efficacious cold and flu preventative that is most effective when used before the onset of symptoms.

Hi-Tech Immune-Rx is a blend of dialyzable leukocyte extract, AHCC, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, arabinogalactan, rishi, shiitake, maitake, echinacea, beta-glucan, Ester-C brand vitamin C, and zinc.


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