Folli-Cleanse Intense Hair Cleanser's unique formula specifically designed for people with hair cleansing needs.

Folli-Cleanse unique formula utilizes special ingredients to penetrate and eliminate unwanted impurities (marijuana, THC, ecstasy, MDMA, nicotine, alcohol, biological and environmental pollutants, chemical buildups, etc.) and constituents from deep down within the hair shaft.

Use Folli-Cleanse Intense Hair Cleanser just prior to the time you want your hair to be toxin free. It starts working in 10 minutes and effective up to 8 hours.

Directions: Wash your hair thoroughly with non-conditioning shampoo (not included).

Apply 2 ounces (entire bottle) of Folli-Cleanse Intense Hair Cleanser to hair.

Saturate all parts of hair with Folli-Cleanse, and massage thoroughly into hair using only your fingers.

Do not brush or comb the hair during the Folli-Cleanse application.

Cover with shower cap and let Hair Detox gel stand in hair for 15 minutes, but no more than 30 minutes.

Rinse hair and style as usual.

Success Tips: Since the hair is constantly growing and absorbing toxins, results will not last for more than 24 hours - TIME IT CAREFULLY!

Avoid all unwanted toxins for 24-48 hours prior to using Folli-Cleanse Intense Hair Cleanser. (The longer the better!)

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