Gun Powder 1.49lb by Geared UP Nutrition

Fatigue and weakness is not an option! Get locked and loaded with GUN Powder’s complete arsenal of performance enhancing ingredients formulated for extreme muscle stimulation and growth. With GUN Powder’s synergistic matrix of cell volumizers and nitric oxide enhancers combined with extreme energy and focus nutrients, pre-workout preparation has never been this intense. This unique combination of ingredients consists of our own trademarked blends in never before used dosages:

Xcell Volumizing Matrix™ - Advanced Muscle Cell Volumizers • Consisting of the ultimate tri-creatine matrix including the patented pH enhanced Kre-Alkalyn™ (patent #6,399,661)

• GUN Powder’s triple creatine shot generates a mass flood of ATP production resulting in extreme cell volumizing effects

ANObolic Pump Activator™ - Intense Nitric Oxide Boosters • Loaded with the most intense combination of vasodilating ingredients for increased blood and oxygen flow causing the “ultimate pump” • Enhanced with vanadyl sulfate to mimic insulin allowing transport of protein and carbo- hydrates directly into the muscle cell creating an anabolic effect and “harder” muscles • GUN Powder is the ultimate nutrient delivery system hands down

EnerEdge™ - Extreme Energy, Endurance and Focus Formula • Locked down with our key ingredient En-Fuse Rx™. This state-of-the-art performance aid consists of B-alanine/histidine (a carnosine synthesizer) which has been researched in Russia, Korea and the UK with record-breaking results • Designed to enhance the fullness, muscular contraction, growth and workload capacity of fast-twitch muscle fibers and stabilize pH levels in skeletal muscles. These fast-twitch fibers are the muscle fibers that have the ability to make you “super-human” and grow beyond your imagination • Experience the next generation in performance enhancement with GUN Powder’s high-tech energy matrix

HydroCell™ - Cellular Hydration System • Delays muscle fatigue by replacing lost fluids and hydrating muscle tissue to enhance performance • Enhances muscle tone by increasing muscle definition and vascularity • Helps reduce heart rate and body temperature to support the body during intense endurance activities therefore, promoting stamina

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