Benzedrine 60ct by Hi Tech Pharmaceutical

Benzedrine was previously marketed as the best weight loss pharmaceutical ever.  Hi-Tech since acquired trademark rights to Benzedrine, and now the world's most powerful weight loss stimulant is available as a dietary supplement without a prescription. Hi-Tech has been doing some exhaustive research and development on a new formula with pharmaceutical fat mobilization and apoptosis agents to create the new and improved Benzedrine™!

Unwilling to attach the name "Benzedrine" to just any ole diet & energy formula, Hi-Tech has spent a countless amount of time and resources to find a formula to live up to the name Benzedrine, in terms of feeling and effect. Finally, after several years of research on this project, Hi-Tech developed a formula that is so strong even Hi-Tech was hesitant to put it on the market. Hi-Tech is so confident in Benzedrine™ that they are staking their name on it in many ways as the leaders in the diet& energy industry…as the shoes Hi-Tech had to fill were very large.  

Although the feeling and effect of Hi-Tech's Benzedrine™ is at least as good as the original, the formula has changed in significant ways. The old Benzedrine formula was formulated around dl-amphetamine, while the new Benzedrine™ is formulated around the acacia rigidula alkaloid: N-Methyl-b-Methylphenylethylamine Hcl and derivatives of this molecule. This compound is probably the cleanest stimulant ever researched, which has the remarkable ability to stimulate the central nervous system, without causing nervousness or the jittery feeling. N-Methyl-b-Methylphenylethylamine Hcl is responsible for its beneficial effects on mood, appetite, and sense of well-being. The major neural systems affected by Benzedrine™ are largely implicated in the brain's reward circuitry. Moreover, neurotransmitters involved in various reward pathways of the brain appear to be the primary targets of Benzedrine™. One such neurotransmitter is dopamine, a chemical messenger heavily active in the "battle of the bulge." 

Benzedrine™ works much like Phen-Fen as it has a Stimulant that triggers release of  Norepinephrine and Dopamine, and it has a an active ingredient that works on serotonin. Benzedrine does not cause heart valve issues like were found when Phen-Fen was released. Benzedrine will revolutionize the diet & energy category with its ability to effectively work on all three neurotransmitters!

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